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Our Programme


The lessons are based on 4 areas of importance which are Brain Development, Image Clarity, Body Growth Stimulation and 6 Abilities Training. Our programme's objective is to draw out the innate 6 abilities which will be the foundation for higher achievements in future schooling and life time happiness.

Lesson delivery varies from term to term, child's age and length of training on the programme. 


The Lesson Focus through fun based activities :

  • Enhance the brain's automatic processing function through special syllabus created by our institute. 

  • Develop the intuitive quality of the cellular function through image-based objects.

  • Organise the photographic mass memory function with Shichida songs, music and movements. 

  • Enrich the multi language thinking function with controlled rhythm in reading skills and speed-based tools. 


We use new materials each week to draw out emotional and mental responses to enrich cellular levels. Our mental heart is capable of growing the brain through desired parent-child communication patterns. The child has to touch and use more than 15 sets of prepared materials which are mostly handmade. The child can absorb the material through sounds and touch within a short timing.

After each lesson, the parent will know how to carry out home practice to continuously activate input for the right output. This will enhance the effects of the lesson input without fail. Some children can reach amazing milestones and from our testimonials, you will feel the parents’ enthusiasm of learning with the child.

Kindly read up the testimonials here to understand what our Alumni Parents realised from their experiences.


Shichida 6 Abilities
Basic Mastery Programme

6 PROFESSOR 2-01-01.png
6 PROFESSOR 2-01-01.png

Superb Intuition

Photographic Memory


Perfect Pitch


Image Healing Ability

Curated age-based stimulation activities for the accelerated development of the whole brain.

75 minute lesson consists of:

Welcome Routine

The Shichida Method Lesson

Child Observation /

Parent-Child Activity

5 min

55 min

15 min

  • Lessons are once a week. 

  • Term period involves 12 weeks with one week break between terms.

  • Maximum of 6 students per class.

  • Only one parent to attend lesson with child, pending level of training.

  • Monthly Home Practice Guidance

  • Complimentary print sheets for some ages

Classes are arranged according to the age of your child. Babies 5 months old to 12 months old, age 1, age 2, age 3, etc.​

Upon completion of the Basic Programme, your child will be upgraded to Higher Mastery Level. Once your child exhibits multiple talents or schooling proficiency, the institute will invite your child to take up the Elite Mastery Programme.

Note: Course packages can be arranged for those who are unable to attend face to face.


Shichida Special Programme

This is a special course for children with learning difficulties such as down syndrome, autism and mental retardation. A specially curated syllabus will be arranged upon consultation. Open to children from birth to age 6.

Looking for other forms of training courses and classes? The Shichida Method has a variety of courses available besides our brain training classes, like our Prenatal Course.

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