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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the Shichida Programme structured?


The Shichida Programme consists of the following components.  

  • Programme is open to children aged 6 months and above and is divided into 3 phases of training, from Basic to Elite level.

  • One responsible parent is required to attend all classes with child pending the level of training.

  • Classes are organised according to age groups and experience levels.

  • Maximum of 6 students per class for the basic and advance level.

  • Basic level classes are 75 minutes long, held once a week:

    • 5 minutes of Welcome Routine,

    • 55 minutes of The Shichida Method Lesson,

    • 15 minutes of Child Activity / Communication with Parents.

  • Each term comprises of 12 weeks of lessons with one week break between each term.

Is my child too young for The Shichida Method?


Not at all! Infants have incredible learning abilities. Even though a baby may not be able to display his/her learning abilities or potential, the cells in the brain are connecting at incredible speed for future brain usage. Based on research and results seen from our children, the critical period for brain stimulation is during the first 3 years of a child's life, with the younger having better potential for stimulation. All young children in the programme are given the appropriate level of whole brain stimulation to bring out their innate abilities.

Is once a week training enough?

Parents are required to carry out the weekly course-related activities with their children at home as often as possible. Training is a continuous process that requires constant effort by the parents at home. Once-a-week training is definitely not enough to bring out the maximum potential of the whole brain.

Can older children benefit from The Shichida Method?


Yes! It is never too late to build on the brain's potential even if a child has grown past the optimal period of 0-6 years old. We have witnessed incredible, outstanding performances from older children through the programme, in and outside classes. Although the tender ages generally have more potential to grow, older children tend to have conscious awareness and a particular maturity that benefits their curious minds and interests to absorb copious information.

How much time do we need to set aside for home practice?

There are some parents with busy lifestyles who fear they don't have time if they enroll their children in this programme. On the contrary, The Shichida Method™ makes it very easy for such parents to bring up their children the Shichida way. There is minimal effort involved, from as little as 15 minutes a day, to maximum 30 minutes to revise the different aspects of home assignment. Naturally, the more enthusiastic parents don't see the time spent with their children as "homework" but rather good quality family bonding time.

Can children with special needs participate in the Shichida programme?


Yes. We believe that children with special needs possess a diverse range of intelligence that can be explored and realised in the method. Many of these children have a hidden genius ability that manifests with excellent brain stimulation as their right brains operate well. We have seen some amazing outcomes in their participation and their parents have also learned to support their children effectively.

How is Shichida compared to other programmes?


The Shichida Educational Institute has progressively maintained the research in this field of children’s brain abilities. In the past 60 years, the curriculum is developed in such a way that through a scaffolding approach, even as it gets harder, the children are not disheartened by it because we believe when we can engage the children’s hearts, we can engage their minds. Many parents are able to enhance the child’s strengths through the unique education of the heart which is a curriculum created by Professor Shichida. At the end of the day, it depends on what kind of parenting style you like to adopt or what kind of parenting style defines you. So the point is not how soon your child will be taught how to run. The point is to ensure you will win the race

With Shichida, will my child not require other arts, music or sports lessons?

According to Professor Shichida, the focus of every parent should be on brain development, which is a very important phase in a child's life. Once the brain is stimulated well, a child's innate talent and strengths will be uncovered and parents can then select additional courses according to the child's capabilities and interests. The Shichida programme provides a stronger foundation as a complementary factor to formal instructional training. It also provides children with keen mental awareness, judgement, execution and confidence in those pursuits. Parent can always decide on what the child will do well in more areas of interest if the child has a solid foundation in Shichida first.

Do parents have to be involved in the programme?

In Shichida, we believe that tight parent-child bonds are central to a child's skill development and well-being. Children require close care and attention as they gain momentum to learn coherently in the earlier phases of life. When parents regularly guide and carefully nurture, any child will progress into empathetic, independent geniuses and are more emotionally stable at teen years and into adulthood. All new parents in the programme also attend a Parent Education Course to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding into the workings of Shichida, so as to equip themselves more adequately during classes and daily home practices to materialise full outcomes of the method. We require commitment from the parents to fulfill certain obligations on the programme such as regular home revisions and reports submission over a period of time.

Do I have to purchase any Shichida products?

All Shichida products on sale are not compulsory to the course, but serve as an aid for brain stimulation home practices. New parents attending the programme would attend a Parent Education Course which includes a thorough tutorial on how to conduct home practices and making at-home materials. However, families that wish to purchase ready-made materials can do so from our product range. Every product has differing stimulation effects for different age and development levels. Parents currently in the Shichida programme are recommended to seek advice from their instructors to know which products are best suited for their children.

Where are the Shichida centres located?

We have several centres located throughout Singapore and Malaysia. All Shichida centres in the countries are under one management, therefore providing our families with consistent management, structure and standards.

How much does the Shichida Programme cost?

Our programme costs are priced reasonably for all ages and abilities. For more details and explanation, kindly contact us during opening hours to inquire directly. Our customer service team would be delighted to assist you. You can also send in an enquiry form for us to contact you.

How do I enrol into the programme?

Kindly schedule an appointment with our programme advisors at our HQ. We will need to understand your parental concerns and recommend a suitable class and timing. As vacancies are taken up without reservations,  early confirmation is appreciated. For special cases, there may be a screening test to ascertain a child's eligibility for their development level course.

Can I get a class replacement in the event of absence?

Based on our terms and conditions, we do not offer class replacements for absences in classes including reasons of sickness and vacation. For special cases, parents can write in to our management to appeal for a replacement class. 

When can I stop the programme?

When children collect their certification of abilities in areas of achievements from our institute, they are motivated to set new heights of learning interests and results. If your child has completed the basic level, he/she will look forward to advanced levels. As the child’s brain is growing and the relationship of parent-child is being enriched continuously,  parents who are ready for such a commitment will seldom withdraw. The child will only be more excited as time goes by.

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