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Concerns About Online Lessons for Young Children

I have been asked about online sessions for young children. There are concerned parents who feel their children are just too young to benefit from online sessions. Also, it was pointed out Prof Shichida’s comments about TV being unsuitable for young children. I’d like to clarify. 


Firstly, TV and cartoons on tablets used as a substitute for child minding is indeed a poor practice. There is little human interaction and the TV/video tend to be a one way street, in some extreme cases causing the child’s brain activity to flatline. 


However, in recent times, when one or both parents needed to travel for work, video chat allows them to reconnect with their children at home on a regular basis. This is an excellent substitute for being physically present, to keep up contact between parent and child. I should point out that this is vastly different from giving the child alone time with TV or a video dished out onto a tablet. 


On the same token, an online session with our instructors via Zoom is an interactive session involving both child and parent. We encourage participation from both parents, and in some cases, we saw the entire extended family getting involved. This creates a very comfortable and conducive environment for the child, something which live in-person classes can never accommodate. 


It is like how this pandemic forced Yoga instructors to be creative and moved their Yoga classes online, and has been widely accepted. 


It is a situation forced upon us and I question those who doubt their child’s ability to participate in online classes, not unlike these Yoga classes. 


What is the alternative? Stay home and put your child’s life on hold? Or choose DIY and deny your child the opportunity of getting professional guidance from an internationally recognized programme? Don’t forget, time marches on and children grow up. 


We are here to serve you, and we provide you with a realistic and proven alternative given the circumstances we are all facing. We only ask that you give your child the chance. 



Alvin Khoo, CEO

Shichida Singapore

Shichida Malaysia

Continuation of Shichida Lessons Online

Dear Parents,

In light of recent Covid developments, our government has no choice but to suggest we manage our programme in this manner in the interim. We agree that we have little choice, but thankfully, we are prepared for it.

We know some of you may have your doubts and may be apprehensive about online lessons. However, we have every reason to believe we can pull it off successfully (and we have indeed the experience of doing that, even with kids as young as one year old). The following pointers should give you some reassurance.

  1. Our Shichida HQ in Japan has started an online lesson package a few years ago for parents who can’t travel to the centre. It has been a success, yielding similar outcomes as in-person classes.

  2. We must trust our imaging ability, that every child can adjust to the online lesson smoothly and enjoys it.

  3. Varieties of activities can hold the child's attention. Your child is already familiar with the instructor and will receive the input well.

  4. We suggest parents consider using the big screen TV at home. i.e. you can connect your laptop wirelessly or via a HDMI cable.

  5. Both parents can participate in the lesson too, to generate an even more positive vibe for your child. 


We will forward the links to your child’s lesson on time.

We humbly ask that you kindly support us. 

The Shichida Team


How can we cope with the pandemic?

Dear parents,

You and your child are important to us. Hence, irregardless of what happens, we always think of your child’s needs and safety as our top two priorities.

In this latest lock down, when physical classes are no longer possible, we have painstakingly made plans to deliver lessons online. We have previously run trials successfully and are prepared for it. 

The only thing beyond our control is your perception that either your child is too young or it’s not worth what you paid for. 

I have addressed the issue of your child’s tender age doing online lessons in my last letter to you. My team and I have carefully evaluated this and concluded that it’s possible to deliver our classes to even babies as long as you the parents are involved. This has also been approved by our HQ in Japan. 

As for value for money, nobody doubts the value of in-person sessions. But given the circumstances, online was the only option. It’s either that, or you put your child’s life on hold while waiting out the pandemic. 

However, I sincerely hope you continue to give us your support. After all, we do have salaries and rents to pay. Otherwise, how are we to cope with Covid-19? 

Alvin Khoo, CEO
Shichida Singapore
Shichida Malaysia

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Should kids be sidelined in this pandemic?

So Covid-19 has ravaged our lives. Some lives have been upended by sickness and deaths in the family, some are devastated by huge financial losses, and jobs were either lost or cut back. Lifestyles have changed, with the cycles of lockdowns and numerous restrictions.

What about our kids? 

Those attending school are forced to adapt to online lessons from home, with tired teachers shouldering a deluge of extra work to meet this new way of schooling. As schooling is mandatory, most parents are forced to accept and not question this new way of life. 

Many university students have also moved online, with a good number of them possibly completing their university degree 100% online despite being a full-time enrolled student, even some with prestigious universities. There has been questions raised if these “online” degrees are worth the massive fees charged by these universities?

As for the younger children, those attending preschool have the practical function of child minding, without which their parents are unable to go to work. But what about their educational needs?

It has been long accepted that enrichment is part of a young child’s educational needs. This has been “optional” and left to the discretion of the child’s parents. 

At Shichida, our founder Professor Makoto Shichida believed that investment into a young child’s development via brain enrichment will yield much amplified results in the child’s later years, making it one of the best investments a parent could possibly make. 

But if in-person sessions continuously get disrupted, do parents choose to stay away each time and put a pause on their child’s development? Imagine if each time you pause the clock and a young child regresses, how much more effort will it take to recover lost progress before any resumption of growth?

As such, in my position as the CEO of Shichida Singapore and Malaysia, I chose to prepare for lockdown and activated carefully laid out plans when that happened. 

I know there will be some amongst you who do not share my belief and insist on not wanting anything online for your young child. Or whether it’s worth your money?

I am here trying to persuade you to look at NOT putting your child’s life on hold. Please give it a try, be positive and be part of the effort of making it work, for your child’s sake. And we all can look forward to the day we can reconvene classes. And know that we will not fear any further cycles of lockdown. 

Alvin Khoo, CEO
Shichida Singapore
Shichida Malaysia


Singapore Phase 2 Heightened Alert (P2HA)


Dear Parents,

We are glad to inform you that classes will continue in this P2HA. However, we are complying with guidelines issued by the authorities and have enhanced our safety measures as follows:

1.  TraceTogether sign-in at the door
2.  Temperature checks
3.  Social distancing
4.  No inter-mingling of classes
5.  Compulsory wearing of face masks

Kindly note that failure to comply with any of the above will result in you and your child being denied access to our premises. We thank you for your cooperation and continued support. 

Shichida Singapore


Message from Shichida SG's CEO

Dear Singapore parents,

We are glad to inform you we have already been preparing for this latest phase 2 heightened alert to Covid-19 in S’pore well ahead of time. As per the government’s request, we are bringing our classes to you live via Zoom. Luckily, we have experience doing this in M’sia, so we can say we are ready to deliver a good lesson for your child. 

The good news is for Zoom lessons from home, we welcome both Mummy and Daddy to sit in on the classes. But with anything that you try first time with us, there may be hiccups. We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation. 

Meanwhile, please message your child’s instructor via the Shichida Companion app chat for details on how to log in for the zoom session. You may also check your class online calendar for details. 

Do give us your feedback after the session so that we can continue to improve in order to deliver to your child a great experience.

Thank you. 

Alvin Khoo, CEO
Shichida Singapore

What's Coming Up!

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Jocelyn's Webinar for Parents

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Brain Excellence July Awards

The review of current students above age 4 and from 3rd year upwards

Shichida Companion App

Look out for students who are featured on the strengths of any of the 6 abilities, certified areas of achievement and IQ scores.

Meet-a-Genius Session at the regular Makoto Club

This is rescheduled to term break.

The instructor will contact parents to prepare for this session.

AKARUI Early Years Learning Centre

2021 Promotion!

A world's first premium infant care system with integrated Japanese Onsen, offering intensive brain stimulation with full parent learning support. Find out more about AKARUI Early Years Learning Centre at


Prof Shichida Uncovered The Essence Of The Right Brain

In the mid nineties, a colleague of Prof Matthews, another research education scientist Prof Palmar introduced Prof Shichida in a brain conference “If Maria Montessori is a well known educator in the 20th century, Prof Shichida will be the one who will lead in the 21st century”.

"Current IQ Tests in the world have a ceiling that cannot measure the upper limits of Shichida-trained children"

- Jocelyn Khoo

"Hado Ability" is a function of the information circuit. Be it "Hado Reading", "Listening" and "Writing" or "Hado Memory", "Hado" or "Wave function" reflects the unique cellular platform where input is processed in the first few years of human growth. Even if the speed of input is faster than reading 10,000 books or reading 100 books in a single day, such an output reflected the quantity of input, home practice and is not based on number of books read. If a child is to be balanced in academic and non academic areas, to cram information in fast speed is heading towards the wrong direction.

The Shichida Educational Institute, which owns this trademark of Hado Reading™ in Japan and Singapore, has this to say: The potential of a child far outweighs the number of books read. Hopefully the reader will realize the heart of parenting from these testimonials.

Super high-speed speed reading method (later called Hado Speed Reading) was created by Makoto Shichida around February of 1992. Successively, on the February 1992 issue of the Shichida newsletter, he has written the following:

"With right brain speed-reading, one can read 200,000 to 1 million letters per minute; by flipping through the pages, one can put all the pages into one's mind in two to five minutes"

- Professor Makoto Shichida

He has given explanations about its existence and concrete training method in one of his books, “Issatsu-wo-roppun-de-yomeru-Hado-Sokudoku-Ho (Read a Book in Six Minutes with the Hado Speed Reading Method)”. In this book, he has defined Hado Speed Reading and touched on the fact that “four major functions of the right brain,” which he had been advocating for a longtime, played a pivotal role in this activity. In a Japanese TV program, in 1998, "Un-Nan-no-Honto-no-Tokoro" by TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System), children who are receiving the Shichida Method exhibited their speed reading ability.


Introducing Shichida Companion!

Our team at Shichida have been trying to find ways to provide further support and guidance to our families in the programme and have finally composed a solution! Therefore, we are very proud to introduce to you Shichida Companion!


Shichida Companion is digital assistant made to support you through your Shichida journey. Every family enrolled in Shichida Singapore and Malaysia will be able to access full features related to the Shichida programme including a digital attendance, class calendar, supplementary activities to do at home, and a direct communication channel with your instructor! View more information about the member features here!

Through this new endeavour, we hope to provide additional convenience for our families and are presently working on further features to be released in 2021! We are overwhelmed and thankful for the positive and encouraging response thus far and hope to continue providing a service of excellence!

Warmest regards,

The Shichida Family


Shichida Centres Receive IID Awards 2020 in Three Infant Education Categories!

Shichida Centres won first place awards in the three categories in the "IID Awards 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey for Infant Schools", conducted by IID Inc., in Japan.

IID Inc. conducts annual surveys that target the parents of preschool-aged children (ages zero to six), who have attended an infant school for at least three months. The company gives IID Awards based on the results of this survey.

The three awards that Shichida Centres earned this year are listed below:

  • Best of Lesson

  • Best of Teaching Materials

  • Best of Rich Programmes

All three of these categories (Lessons, Teaching Materials, and Lesson Programme) are the core of The Shichida Method. We are very proud to be recognised in these areas.


We appreciate the contribution all of the Centers involved to receive these awards and we are grateful for all of our loyal customers. We hope to continue to make strong efforts to offer the best education of the highest quality to all our customers around the world.


Celebrating the Lunar New Year

as a Shichida Family!

Every parent and child in the Shichida programme plays a loving part in our Shichida Family!


And as part of the family, our children are given red packets filled with love and a $2 note by Shichida to signify the auspicious growth of our children and families!

Families at Shichida look forward every year to celebrating Chinese New Year with their instructors at the Shichida centres!

May all families have a wonderful year ahead!

Our red packets through the years!

Chingay Parade 2019: The Shichida Super Family

Nurture, Love, Praise, Accept

your children for the superheroes they are

At Shichida, we often encourage and inspire our families to be the best versions of themselves. Every mother can be a Super Mum and every father a Super Dad. Every child with spectacular dreams and the spirit of a good heart can be the Superhero that he or she aspires to be. This was exactly what was portrayed with our Shichida Family as they strutted and danced their way down Chingay Parade 2019.

Families with children as young as 2 years old, parents, grandparents and our instructors from Shichida Singapore and Japan had a joyful time creating wonderful memories of being ambassadors of family love.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong honouring the 2019 Chingay Parade also caught up with our proud Shichida mom and daughter participant. Just like our foremost Shichida Values portrayed on our Chingay float, we hope to inspire every family to Nurture, Love, Praise and Accept their children for the Superheroes that they are.