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COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

We require all parents in the Shichida programme to make a compulsory declaration of family travel history between February 26 to the current date.

My family travelled between February 26 and today:

By filling in the above, I understand that if any member of my family travelled to Daegu and Cheongdo between February 26 and the current date, my child is to take a leave of absence from Shichida classes for 14 days from date of arrival.

Dear parents of Shichida,

Kindly note that class schedules at Shichida will be continuing as per normal for the upcoming weeks. Shichida centres across Singapore and Malaysia will be increasing the strictness of sanitisation and health checks before and after every lesson. All instructors and staff members will also go through a health screening before the start of the day. If their health is not up to standard, classes for that day will be cancelled and a replacement lesson will be given on a later date. We seek your understanding and apologise for the inconvenience caused if you are affected by any class cancellations.

We request for any lesson participant, parent and child, to do a health check and temperature taking before leaving home. Anyone with fever, cough or flu-like symptoms should not attend class. Parents should seek immediate medical attention if their children or anyone in the family is unwell, and ensure that both child and accompanying guardian recover fully before returning to class.

As a precaution, Shichida instructors will be monitoring the health of both children and parents during lessons. Should the need arise, families may be asked to go home or seek medical attention by their instructor and we humbly request for you to follow this instruction if given. Kindly bring your own face masks to class if you intend on wearing one as our centres have limited availability of face masks.

In accordance with the announcement by MOE, any parent and child returning from Daegu and/or Cheongdo (South Korea) to Singapore on February 26 onwards are to take a leave of absence from Shichida classes for 14 days from the date of return. Kindly stay at home for the two weeks and monitor your health closely. Families involved in this leave of absence will be given replacement class credits (T&C apply). Kindly contact us at for the redemption procedures.


Families that have been in contact with visitors from Daegu/Cheongdo for the period between February 26 and today are to inform us via email at /

For any enquiries, kindly contact us through email at or call us at 62549555 during operating hours on Wednesday to Sunday 9am-6pm.


For more information on the COVID-19, visit

We will do our very best to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for every child and parent attending their lessons. We seek your cooperation and understanding during the next few weeks and wish your family good health and wellness.

Thank you.

The Shichida Method


Wash hands frequently and practise good hygiene
Seek medical attention if you or your child is unwell
Declare any recent travel plans with your child

Celebrating the Lunar New Year

as a Shichida Family!

Every parent and child in the Shichida programme plays a loving part in our Shichida Family!


And as part of the family, our children are given red packets filled with love and a $2 note by Shichida to signify the auspicious growth of our children and families!

Families at Shichida look forward every year to celebrating Chinese New Year with their instructors at the Shichida centres!

May all families have a wonderful year ahead!

Our red packets through the years

Chingay Parade 2019: The Shichida Super Family

Nurture, Love, Praise and Accept

your children for the superheroes they are.

At Shichida, we often encourage and inspire our families to be the best versions of themselves. Every mother can be a Super Mum and every father a Super Dad. Every child with spectacular dreams and the spirit of a good heart can be the Superhero that he or she aspires to be. This was exactly what was portrayed with our Shichida Family as they strutted and danced their way down Chingay Parade 2019.

Families with children as young as 2 years old, parents, grandparents and our instructors from Shichida Singapore and Japan had a joyful time creating wonderful memories of being ambassadors of family love.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong honouring the 2019 Chingay Parade also caught up with our proud Shichida mom and daughter participant. 

Just like our foremost Shichida Values portrayed on our Chingay float, we hope to inspire every family to Nurture, Love, Praise and Accept their children for the Superheroes that they are.


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