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Shichida Prenatal Development Course

To ensure your child has a rich upbringing, the parent who attends our course will undergo prenatal training to connect with the foetus. This will enable the little one to respond to emotional stimulation via cellular circuits and enhance innate abilities.

This course is great for parents who wish to enrol your newborn for the Basic programme. Priority Admission and Packages are available.

The Taikyo Prenatal Stimulation Course focuses on:

  1. Preparation for a Genius Baby

  2. Prenatal Body-Brain Stimulation

  3. Daily Foetus Communication

  4. Maternity Exercise

  5. Dietary Education


Training package consists of:

60 mins

x 8 sessions

Sessions are conducted once a week, either online or offline, with provision of training materials

mum baby-02.png
mum baby-02.png

Prenatal Stars

“I first started practising Dr Shichida's Method when pregnant with my 1st child, Avestar. I practised prenatal training and communicate with the foetus. The practice really pays off and I have a smooth and easy delivery. And minutes after Avestar was born, she is able to stop crying and searching for my face when I talk to her. That moment was so memorable.”

Postnatal Stars

“Understanding the great importance of early stimulation on her little brain helps a lot. Therefore, I decided to enter her for The Shichida Method Basic course. Whenever Avestar visits her practitioner for development check up, the doctor is always very impressed by her. Her overall development is 6 months ahead of most babies of her same age. She is able to say more than 100 words before she turned 18 months old. And her understanding of instructions is very good.”

Looking for other forms of training courses and classes? The Shichida Method has a variety of courses available besides our prenatal and postnatal classes, like our 6 Abilities Basic Mastery Programme for infants and kids.

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