My son is 10 months old now. He had suffered from meningitis when he was 7 days old and part of his brain was badly damaged due to a virus and bacteria infection. He joined the Shichida class in April and since then, his progress has been fantastic. Last month when I brought him for a medical check up, the doctor was surprised at his progress. My boy is now like a normal baby and no one can tell he had suffered from severe brain infection before. In fact, our doctor is so impressed that she wanted to find out what we have done right to stimulate him as she wants to tell her other patient's parents to do the same. As such, I have introduced The Shichida Method to my doctor.

- Proud Parent, Mr Choong

My child is in third grade and was enrolled in Shichida from before. She is always a top student in school. She can finish her homework during recess periods without problems. Her teachers are puzzled as to why she can finish anything so fast correctly. She reads many books before going to bed using the speed reading technique. She watches news on TV. Since she memorises what she sees as images, she is able to retain more information than adults do.

- Proud Parent, Mrs Sato

We are constantly sending you thanks from our hearts every time we see Vithiya excelling in what she does. Vithiya joined the Shichida programme when she was 3. Today at 11, Vithiya has excelled in all her schools academically, in both Malaysia and Singapore. She walked through the subjects with ease and scored record high marks surpassing other outstanding students before her. She has just completed her grade 5 in 3 months and is in grade 6 now. When we moved her to a new school, she had to pick up 5 years of a new language and 3 new subjects within 2 months in order to move on to the next grade. She has done this beautifully and gracefully in all 7 subjects with the lowest score of 96%. My husband and I believe that all these have been possible because she attended the Shichida program earlier on. 

To us, the Shichida programme has been an extremely worthwhile investment with high returns year after year. It has nurtured her for what she is now. We have had the privilege of basking in the love shown to us by every single person in the group, from the people in the office up to the Senseis. The centre was more like our second home. My husband and I are forever thankful and grateful to Professor Shichida for sharing this magnificent method with the world, to all the Senseis who guided us through, and everyone in the group who walked with us hand-in-hand to make this possible. This is one of our biggest blessings in life. Thank you God for bringing in the right people and circumstances to make this journey of life a smooth one.

- Proud Parent, Devi

One of the key responsibilities as a parent to a child is the conviction to equip the child adequately in 3 key areas - spiritual/emotional, social and intellectual, at least that is what my family believes in​. ​The Shichida Method and its ethos resonated resoundingly with our belief and fast-forward 16 months later, my son still benefits from his ongoing association with this programme.​ While I don’t believe that this is a silver bullet in resolving children’s developmental challenges or issues but anecdotally,​ I believe my son has benefited to a large extent, if not tremendously, for being in the programme.


In addition, while the school is an excellent faculty for the transmission of the method’s pedagogy, to truly reap and appreciate the benefits, as parents we have the responsibility to ensure the knowledge permeates to daily living. For example, we believe positivity begets positivity, so before our son starts the day, he will start with the ‘positive energy’ sequence. That invariably prepares his mind and spirit to begin his day by embracing the positives.

- Proud Dad of Seth Chang

The evidence of children having 6 innate abilities in Japan is not a dream to parents now as Shichida have realised it for us. Among all the training programmes in Singapore, yours is the most advanced. I sincerely and honestly saw the results in my child who joined this programme at 3 years old and is now 9 years old. My son was also a recipient of the Brain Olympics Awards and the Shichida Genius Awards in wave-reading. Now, Keane has amazing intuition, photographic memory and perfect pitch in music. He can also understand what he reads very easily without any stress.


In fact, we are happy that he knows how to relax and learn well. All these are achievable due to the successful development of the whole brain. His intuitive image ability is excellent as revealed in his artistic development too. His deep sensitivity helped him clinch the gold medal in an International Art Competition in 2007. We as parents are glad that the time and money invested in our children has finally paid off and at the sometime, we greatly appreciate the support and encouragement that you have given us.

- Proud Parent, Mrs Chua

Max is aged 2. Among his classmates, he is very quiet. He did not even make any baby sounds. It was also very rare for him to point or indicate his answer with gestures. It was a while before he was able to point to his answers in class and utter some words. His progress in class was quite slow compared to his peers. However, what is amazing right now is that he is able to read at 2 years old. He is not only able to read simple and common words but he is able to read sentences. He showed me how well he could read during one of the language activities in class. There was a booklet which contained sentences describing a photo. He read aloud the sentences on his own and only needed Daddy to help him with a few unfamiliar words. It was an amazing experience to discover that he, who was the slowest at learning to talk among his peers, is now able to read better than his peers.

- Proud Mummy of Max

I want to thank you very much for your method as it has really helped in educating my 4 year old daughter, Emily. She truly enjoys your method of learning and has never missed a single lesson. For your info, Emily participated in an invention contest organised by MINDS (Malaysia Invention and Design Society) and won a special award for her invention, a multipurpose musical potty. What impressed us most is that she was able to give presentations and demos about her invention in public confidently.

- Proud Parent, Mr Haw

Gabriel attended The Shichida Method ™ programme since 2 years old and he is now 8 years old. As a toddler, Gab has an inquisitive nature with endless "whys"; not only that, he also grasped new concepts easily. At 3 years old, Gabriel was already able to converse easily with adults in eloquent English. Six years in the programme has definitely tapped out the innate abilities of Gabriel in the aspects of photographic memory ability, great intelligence and being a high achiever. Gabriel is able to achieve high accuracy in many class activities. Gabriel's questioning intellect is also his strong resolve for he never settles for what he has accomplished, which can explain why he is always receiving brilliant grades in many fields. Currently in Primary 2, Gabriel has attained outstanding year end achievements in the followings:

Second in level for Primary 2 in 2013

Top in class for Primary 2 in 2013

Best in Mathematics for Primary 2 in 2013

Best in Chinese Language for Primary 2 in 2013

Academic Edusave Certificate

Achievement of 1st in Lower Primary Math Competition

- Proud Mummy of Gabriel


Before [Shichida], she is very shy and doesn’t like to mix around or even talk much. Now, she can make new friends easily, speaks with them confidently, answer teacher’s questions in class and do show and tell in front of her teacher and classmates.

Flash cards, story telling and linking memory have become his favorite past time during weekends. As a result, we have reduce the dependency on electronic materials such as tablets and TV for his weekend past time.

- Mum of 5 y/o Low C. X.

- Dad of 1 y/o Lim M. X.

Tave can converse with his grandparents in Cantonese, and to us in English and Mandarin!

Her singing teacher has commented that she is almost pitch perfect for her singing and very good for her age.

- Mum of 3 y/o Tave C.

- Mum of 6 y/o Bethany K.

She exhibits empathy when others are sad or sick. She will say things like ‘I will go and buy medicine and cream later, ok!’.

[Victoria] could recite from 1 to 100 at the age of 2.5 years and also completed the puzzle of A to Z.

- Mum of 2 y/o Tessa L.

- Mum of 4 y/o Victoria G.


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