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Organisation Collaboration

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The Superachievers group of companies have successfully developed and organized educational establishments in the areas of mind-brain efficiency, learning materials, gifted education, language training and mastery, productivity enhancement and life management training since the early nineties.


With the establishment of The Shichida Method™ courses in Singapore and Malaysia, Tensai™ training products, Akarui infant development system and community partnership projects with the People’s Association, Singapore, we look forward to enriching the hearts of people in the 21st century through organisational collaborations.


With the success attained in developing better children and happier families,  may all learn effectively and productively too.

"Nurture Great Babies in Every Family"

- The Shichida Movement

If your organization is a not-for-profit society, club or association and would like to benefit your members, please write to us. We have special packages to offer such as seminars, life management courses, career productivity and with these, we are confident that families connected with your organization will truly appreciate the opportunity to learn and continue to contribute their best in your community.

For collaborations with us, please send an enquiry to and we will get back to you soon.

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