The Shichida Method

Education done differently.

The Shichida Method is a fast-track whole brain enrichment programme for young children that maximizes the synchronisation of left and right brain coordination functions to facilitate a young all-rounder's learning for success. With 60 years in history, Shichida has boosted the hearts and minds of over 500,000 children across the globe.



Elements of the Shichida Education

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Whole Brain Education

Six Innate Abilities

Education of the Heart

Parent-Child Bonding



Powers of the Right and Left

At Shichida, our courses are designed to bring out the best of both worlds in your child's twin brain hemispheres. Through extensive research and development at the Shichida R&D Institute in Japan, the contents of every Shichida lesson are dynamically curated to bring out the greatest potential of a child, by enhancing the right brain capabilities and connecting it with the enforced left brain, resulting in an optimal and balanced use of the whole brain. With frequent brain stimulation exercises and consistent home practices, your child will be a short ride away to genius-hood. 


Brain Abilities


Brain Abilities

  • Logical Reasoning

  • Analytical Abilities

  • Numeracy

  • Language

  • Creativity

  • Abstract Thinking

  • Photographic Memory

  • Sensibility



Draw out Potential Learning Abilities

Using fun and engaging whole brain strategies, the Shichida Method™ programme aims to bring out the greatest potentials in children by boosting the 6 innate abilities possessed by them. From infancy to their teenage years, Shichida children are provided with curated activities dedicated to enhancing the following elements of their learning abilities to aid in their formal education as they grow. Through the Shichida programme, parents also observe and understand their children's greatest learning strengths to provide effective supplementary learning activities.

Superb Intuition

Photographic Memory

Lightning-Speed Calculation

Perfect Pitch

Multi-Language Acquisition

Image Healing Ability

The Heart is the Gateway to the Mind

At Shichida, we believe that by first engaging the hearts of children, we then engage best with their mind. The Shichida Method programme embraces wholesome learning with an all-encompassing family warmth and the focus of moral education of children. With emphasis on the importance of cultivating love and compassion to nurture the brain, our programme is designed consciously with family bonding, moral education and heart education. By connecting the heart-brain wave resonance technique to the robust brain learning, we then produce well-rounded children in both heart and mind.






Love is the Pillar of Every Family

The Shichida Method brings out the finesse of parent-child bonding to the fullest extent. During the first few years of infancy, a child attaches and mirrors a parent threefold, so maternal and paternal relationships have an impact on early learning and habitual curiosity. When parents regularly guide and carefully nurture, their child will progress into empathetic, independent geniuses and are more emotionally stable at teen years and into adulthood. Our classes ensure that both parent and child understand and embrace each others' strengths and weaknesses in the providence of love, trust and sincerity.


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