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Many parents and schools treat children as students as soon as they enrol themselves in any course or school. This however puts pressure on children from as young as 2 years old.

A student's role is to excel and gain results as soon as possible, whereas a child is meant to enjoy their youth and grow at his/her own pace.

At Shichida, we believe that a child's one and only role is to be a child.

Children that do not have expectations or pressure put on them are able to have a more open heart and mind, and will be less fearful about making mistakes and learning from them. It has been seen through countless instances that children who are given more freedom to be themselves learn more productively.


Parents in the programme are also taught the different ways to release commonly unnoticed pressure on their children and to love them as they are.

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The Uniqueness of Shichida in Singapore and Malaysia

As countries that are wonderfully racially diverse, many of our families are able to learn and appreciate the cultures that go with the different races in Singapore and Malaysia. This is integrated into lesson plans at Shichida, with some involving the learning and celebration of the racial cultures.

As compared to Japan and other countries, Singapore and Malaysia involve several racial holidays throughout the year, and families related to these celebrations often take time off lessons to spend the occasion with their families both locally and internationally.

Due to this, Shichida Singapore and Malaysia offers the most number of lessons a year compared to branches in other countries. With 48 lessons a year, most families that miss lessons due to racial holidays and/or sickness would still meet the minimum commitment of 40 brain stimulation lessons a year as per Professor Shichida's advice.


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