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What is a Shichida Experiential Class?

The Shichida Experiential Class is a specially curated programme for children between the ages of 1 - 6 years old. The 30-minute programme provides insights on curriculum, parenting tips and allows children and parents to experience the beneficial effects of The Shichida Method. During the 30-minute Experiential Class, the Shichida instructor will conduct the class in a way whereby every parent will find it meaningful for their child down the road, for many years to come.

For ages one to six years old

One parent attends to one child

Available in Singapore

& Malaysia

What parents will gain from experiential class:

1. Understand the intuitive response of your child’s brain
2. Experience the formation of creative energy
3. Observe the many levels of sensory reactions
4. Understand learning input and output
5. Learn to use Shichida products in class and at home
6. Activate your child’s speed of learning
7. Create better parent-child emotional bonding

*An actual Shichida lesson is 3x more intensive with a total of 12 aspects covered per month.

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Did you know!

Prior to verbal language readiness, a child’s mind is already very active and hungry for intensive stimulation before the age of 4, where 90% of dendritic formations are expected to be completed for dynamic learning potential in the future.

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“Children are tapping into powers we never knew existed. Watching them rapidly memorise enormous amounts of information, recall with precision, understand and predict future events and improve upon their concentration skills, which impact their performance in sports or the arts, will revolutionise conventional approaches to child-raising in the 21st Century.”

- Professor Makoto Shichida, Founder

Experiential Class
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