Parenting is the
noblest job among all

Parents' influence on a child's life is immeasurable. There are many kinds of jobs in the world; and parenting is the foundation for all the jobs.

A person who received insufficient parental love during his childhood manifests problematic behaviours. He does not feel loved, and cannot find the meaning of his existence. This results in him having problems in his life; such as social maladjustment .

On the other hand, there are great parents behind successful people. These parents love and respect their children. They discover their children's gifts and support their dreams.

The Relevance of
Right Stimulation

Some Shichida trained children can maintain images after one glance and can reproduce them anytime. Shichida parents are experiencing that continuous stimulation can develop children's memory ability.

There is no excessive stimulation.

The only thing a parent needs to be careful of is not to do too much activity when a child is not keen, otherwise a negative circuit tend to develop in a child's brain. A parent needs to stop when a child stops paying attention. A parent's stress will transmit to a child if a parent carries out activities out of duty. The most important thing is to convey love to a child and not to neglect his or her feelings.

One good example is to set aside 10 minutes for the child to be with Daddy and Mommy separately to share information selected by parents, reflecting to the child your interest in astronomy, for instance, or how a car is invented. But don't forget to make time to be together by playing fun games as a family.

Auditory learning is good for young children

Mommy needs to talk to a baby or a young child with abundant words and sentences. A child receives lots of stimulation to his brain by listening to them. Repetition is also important for brain stimulation. Research shows that synapses grow from brain cells to join with neighbouring brain cells when the brain receives stimulation. The more synapses there are, the better the brain becomes.

Approx. number of synapses (by age 12):
With little stimulation ----- 354 million
Abundant stimulation ----- 1,000 million

A child with a well-developed brain with many synapses is able to understand sentences better, and be able to memorize them well. Once he achieves good memory ability, his brain quality starts to change, and he will excel in other abilities such as image ability.

Examples of Shichida
trained children

A child with such ability is able to see image when he composes sentences. Another child is able to play a piano piece at the first hearing. These children can replace images with characters, and vice versa.

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